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Open Source Enhancement

Cameron Gibbs
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Hi all,

Open Source philosophy promises to permit the expansion of our computing
capacity by permitting an incremental individual effort. I wish to enhance
this process by reducing the amount of effort and learning required for an
individual to provide such an increment.

To do this I have the plan to develop a new way of programming that I intend
to build into a new Operating Environment. I'll start with the programming
method. This new way of programming will be based on a new way of organising
information involving a set of protocols that can be used to contribute and
advance individual ideas. With this the organising method will promote the
Open Source Philosophy in more areas than just in computing and programming.

Thing is that in order to bring all this to the world I understand that it
will require a considerable effort on my part and I also will need the
assistance of some dedicated programmers. To be able to provide this effort
I will need to be supported in a financial capacity.

I see two options here. One is that I could create a business around the
idea. The other is that I could find a supportive Open Source development
community whose philosophy would permit my developing this project into a
stand alone organisation of which I could be an employee. I would like your
thoughts on this and your suggestions for developing this project within an
existing open source community.

Going capitalistic:
To bring to you the new programming method I have developed a business plan.
If you think that you might be able to act as an Investor, Business Angel or
Business Partner then please contact me and allow me to get to know you
better so that I may feel comfortable releasing to you some of my
Intellectual Property. Otherwise I would be happy to speak to any Open
Source community representatives about the development of this project.

Reply to the group.
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