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pytz giving incorrect offset and timezone

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Hi All,

I am facing some strange problem in pytz.

The timezone "Asia/Calcutta" is actually IST, which is GMT + 5:30. But
while using pytz, it is being recognized as HMT (GMT + 5:53). While I
digged into the oslan database, I see the following:

Zone Asia/Calcutta 5:53:28 - LMT 1880 # Kolkata
5:53:20 - HMT 1941 Oct # Howrah Mean Time?
6:30 - BURT 1942 May 15 # Burma Time
5:30 - IST 1942 Sep
5:30 1:00 IST 1945 Oct 15
5:30 - IST

A similar problem is also posted at
without any responnses.

Unable to know how to proceed. Needing help. Tried posting in
launchpad and mailed to Stuart, but yet to get any response.


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