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[ANN] Parsing Tutorial and YARD 1.0: A C++ Parsing Framework

Christopher Diggins
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Version 1.0 of the YARD parsing framework for C++ was posted to
SourceForge recently (
) along with a tutorial, written with the help of Max Lybbert,
introducing the topic of parsing programming languages and basic usage
of YARD (

The YARD framework constructs efficient recursive-descent parsers at
compile-time using template meta-programming. YARD grammars are
expressed as PEG (parsing expression grammar) grammars expressed using
C++ templates, in a form resembling an extended BNF (Backus-Naur
form). Parsers constructed using YARD combine lexing and parsing
phases, and can automatically generation abstract syntax trees,
without requiring a separate code-generation phase.

The YARD framework has been under development on and off for three
years and has spawned other related projects (e.g. the Biscuit parsing
library, ). YARD has
been used in commercial tools (
antenna/linux/ReadMe.txt) and various open-source projects (e.g. YARD is designed to be less of an end-to-
end parsing solution, but an open-ended framework that can be easily
extended and modified to fit a user's particular needs.

The YARD library is public domain (
) but for those who require a release with a specific open-source
license, can request one on the discussion group ( ).

Christopher Diggins

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