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object data source

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I have a grid with an object datasource; selecting and populating the grid
works fine. I want to delete an item in the grid. How can I find out the
value of the parameters that are getting passed to my method? Or how can I
populate these parameters with the correct values? When I debug the method,
there are no values getting passed to it. The datasource and grid are as


<asp:GridView ID="gvProducts" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False"
DataSourceID="oDSProducts" EmptyDataText="No products found">
<asp:CommandField ShowDeleteButton="True" ShowEditButton="True"
EditImageUrl="~/Images/Edit.gif" DeleteImageUrl="~/Images/trash.gif"
CancelImageUrl="~/Images/undo.gif" SelectImageUrl="~/Images/arrow-right.gif"
UpdateImageUrl="~/Images/Update.gif" ButtonType="Image" SelectText=""
ShowSelectButton="True" />
<asp:TemplateField InsertVisible="False" SortExpression="ID">
<asp:Label ID="Label2" visible="false" runat="server" Text='<%#
Bind("ID") %>'></asp:Label>
<asp:BoundField DataField="ItemNumber" HeaderText="Item Number"
SortExpression="ItemNumber" />
<asp:BoundField DataField="Productname" HeaderText="Product Name"
SortExpression="Productname" />
<asp:BoundField DataField="WholeSalePrice" HeaderText="Wholesale"
SortExpression="WholeSalePrice" DataFormatString="{0:c2}" >
<ItemStyle HorizontalAlign="Right" />
<asp:BoundField DataField="Retailprice" HeaderText="Retail"
SortExpression="Retailprice" DataFormatString="{0:d2}" >
<ItemStyle HorizontalAlign="Right" />

<asp:ObjectDataSource ID="oDSProducts" runat="server"
TypeName="cls.Product" DeleteMethod="DeleteProduct">
<asp:ControlParameter ControlID="gvCategories"
Name="ProductCategoryID" PropertyName="SelectedValue" Type="Int32"
DefaultValue="1" />
<asparameter Name="SectionID" DefaultValue="1" Type="Int32" />
<asparameter Name="ID" />
<asparameter Name="ItemNumber" />

Public Shared Sub DeleteProduct(ByVal ID as String)

Dim _DL as New cls
Dim qry as String = "ProductDelete '" & ID & "'"
Catch ex As Exception
Throw New Exception("Delete Product: " & ex.Message)
End Try

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