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configure jdbc sql driver in netbeans
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i want to configure jdbc sql driver in netbeans
if you have any idea then please reply me

please explain in detail(step by step)

thank you.

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Juha Laiho
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      07-03-2007 Removed) said:
>i want to configure jdbc sql driver in netbeans

It depends a bit on what you want to do with the driver.

If you just want to have the driver usable in your project code,
you add it as a library;
- start with Tools->Library Manager
- add a new library
- have the library include the relevant .jar files
- optionally have the library also include javadoc references
for the particular driver implementation
- continue with project properties (right-click on your project
item on the NetBeans browser, and choose properties
- add the newly created library to your project

(actually you can even create new libraries while you're adding
the library to the project)

If, in addition to using the library code in your own code, you
want to also use NetBeans database browser for seeing database
structure and contents, you'll need to take the runtime pane
of the NetBeans browser, and expand there the Databases->Drivers
node. Right-click on "Drivers" to add a new database (and driver).
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