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AMD X2: is the 2nd core used -- how do I know ??

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"carrera d'olbani" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)
> On Jul 9, 10:33 pm, "Sleepy" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>> btw - my X2 3800 overclocks easy as pie from 10x200 to 10x240. I simply
>> downclock the RAM from DDR400 to DDR333 and set the HTT to 800 (or 4x)
>> and
>> then raise the FSB. My mobo also allows me to run the PCI slots async
>> (locked at 33) so I only overclock the CPU and without any extra voltage
>> or
>> cooling needed. You may want to try that with your 3600.

> OK, finally today I did overclocking with my 3600+ according to you
> receipy (I found this procedure on the Internet, too). Different from
> your case, I could not find in my MSI K9N Neo-F motherboard the
> setting which would allow to change the PCI/AGP bus. But an article
> said that nowdays the motherboards are likely to have the frequencies
> loced at the nominal values, so that I decided to risk.
> Differently from your computer, my DDR was of a 667 MHz type (not 800
> MHz). So that I went down to 533 MHz. My HTT turned out to be set at
> 800 (4x), so that I went down to 600 (3x) (in your case, you went down
> from 1000 to 800). I raised FSB from 200 MHz to 240 MHz (just like you
> did). Computer now seems to be more responsive, and loads the programs
> like a bullet. The CPU temperature rose from 30 to 36 DC. I oveclocked
> my nVidia 7600GT video card, too -- from 700 to 800 MHz. The
> temperature rose from 45 to 52 DC. I am excited -- a rather
> substantial overclocking, and the CPUs are cold !

good for you - you can use a free utility called CPU-Z (google for it) to
check your speeds.
Not just the CPU but also HTT and RAM. Keep an eye on temps - those are good
but if the graphics card creeps up to 60c you may want to improve the
cooling in your case. Give it a good workout - an hours worth of Oblivion or
Stalker should do. Report any problems. Paramount is to have a stable,
glitch free PC - free extra performance is just a bonus.

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