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Power Supply keeps blowing?

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Leythos is a troll and you are wasting your time talking to him.


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"w_tom" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)
On Jul 2, 8:30 pm, Rgr <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> You want him to spend more on a multimeter than he's willing to spend on
> a power supply?

Did he spend money on tools such as a screwdriver? $20 for a tool
as essential as a screwdriver ($10 if on sale) is money better spent
than $60 for a power supply - especially when the existing power
supply is only one of many suspects.

If he does replace that power supply, he still needs numbers from
the meter to confirm that power supply is working properly. It is
common for some 500 watt power supplies to really only be 350 watts.
They were not lying when claiming 500 watts - for reasons beyond the
scope of this post.

A second power supply has failed. Why? Reasons for a future
problem could have been made obvious by a meter when new supply was
installed. Just another reason why the meter is a smarter solution.

Identify the suspect before replacing anything. Otherwise we will
be having this same discussion again for a third power supply. We
still don't even know what component is defective in a 'power supply'
system. Replace a power supply without first learning with the meter
- and a defective 'system' component remains to only fail again months

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In article <f6ccet$6fe$(E-Mail Removed)>, pcbutts1 says...
> Leythos is a troll and you are wasting your time talking to him.

And you provide access to porn for children on your website - proof in
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