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"Unconditional Love" leads to success and prosperity

Joe Zaidan
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"Unconditional Love" leads to success and prosperity
"Unconditional Love" leads to "success" in all you do!

The solution is not to kill the Extremists! They will only
reincarnate in the most vulnerable communities in the world to do
the same activities.
The solution, the only permanent solution which will put us on a
level with more civilized communities, is to practice Unconditional
Love. To really have feelings of love and affection for everybody,
friends and enemies alike, to respect all other opinions which are
held by our opponents, however much we may disagree with them, to
always speak with respect and affection when we talk about our
opponents! Or our competitors!

Unconditional Love was taught by all great religious Teachers.
You could also ask why do you heat the water to make coffee.
Or why do you add an acid to an alkali to make a salt?
These are just simple logical laws of nature.
If you don't heat the water, you can't have coffee!
If you don't add the acid to the alkali, you can't make the salt!
And if you don't practice unconditional love in your daily activities,
you can't succeed in your life.

Because of their importance, let's define these simple words:
"Success" and "Unconditional Love"

Success does not mean the accumulation of money! It means "living a
happy, prosperous life, loved by all who know you"
As for "unconditional love", it is being practiced by more and more
people today, and involves:
Treating those with different opinions with affection and respect.
Giving without limit, but within your means, to all those who need
your help.

Let me give you two examples of what happened in my small, struggling,
manufacturing plant twenty years ago:
One of my workers asked for a sum of money to make a down payment for
the purchase of his house. I made him the check he needed, and gave
him an easy overtime and bonus schedule to allow repayment within a
few months.
A few months ago, this same worker who is now a head foreman threw
himself at a fire in our factory to prevent its spreading to a paint
bath, and became a living torch.
As a result he spent a couple of months in intensive care in
This was the direct result of my "unconditional love" action twenty
years earlier!

In the middle of the chaos we had in Lebanon, 15 years ago, an
engineer came to me "they say they can't lend me the money I need to
put my son in the university!"
This was understandable as we didn't even have the cash to pay the
daily workers.
I remember taking him into my office: "we'll discuss modalities later!
The only important thing today is to have the money to pay the
university" And I made him a check on my overdraft (and overdrawn
grin!) account.

Today our factory has become a "success story". Owned and run by my
children, its sales have increased tenfold.
Again, this is a direct result of Unconditional Love.
"Unconditional Love" leads to "success"
Joe Zaidan

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"Joe Zaidan" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
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> The solution is not to kill the Extremists!

Only the spammers. You're on the top of the list.

I've taken a vow of poverty. To annoy me, send money.

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