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URGENT : Need info/help in NDIS miniport driver

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I am new to Win CE and a fresher to device drivers. I have to migrate a NDIS
miniport driver (for WLAN adapter card) from Windows XP to Windows CE. The
adapter card has USB interface.

I was also told that the USB stack is completely different in WinCE. If that
is the case, what is it? I could not find any documentation about this. Can
someone provide me the same?

I have setup a CEPC where I can connect the card and it asks driver for the
USB device. I wrote a simple driver that communicates with the device using
USB_FUNCS table passed in DllEntry(). So far so good.

Since NDIS architecture is not different in WinCE, I thought migration part
should not be tricky. But when I studied the Win XP driver source code, I
found that there are a lot of things different or not present in WinCE. I
have listed few of them below:

1. There are some IRP related calls.
2. IRQL related calls (KeGetCurrentIRQL, KeRaiseIRQL, KeLowerIRQL)
3. I/O routines using USB request block (URB).
4. and many more

I could not find these calls in the PlatformBuilder help of any WinCE
header/library files. But, I could see that using the functions defined in
USB_FUNCS, I can accomplish the task of communicating with the device. But
how do I get a handle to USB_FUNCS in the miniportXXX handlers?

Do I have to write 2 separate driver? One that enumerates the device and a
miniport driver where the enumerator passes me the pointer to USB_FUNCS?

Can someone send me a sample of registry keys that I need?

Any help will be highly appreciated.



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