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Nikon 18-200mm Lens in Stock for $799

David J Taylor
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ASAAR wrote:
> On Sun, 01 Jul 2007 07:53:37 GMT, David J Taylor wrote:
>>> At 340g the S5100 weighs about as much as a 12oz. can of Coke.

>> Is it an error that DP Review says it's 480g, or is that simply with
>> and without batteries?

> The S5100's manual only provides the weight without batteries, at
> 340g. I also used the weight without battery for the D80, since
> Nikon's manual also gave it that way. I don't know if DPReview used
> alkaline or NiMH to get the 140g. for the four AA cells, but they
> probably weigh about the same. Hold on, I'll check the data sheets.
> Ok, DPReview used NiMH cells to get the weight up to 480g.
> According to Energizer's data sheets, NiMH == 30g., alkaline == 23g.
> and lithium == 14.5g. So with alkaline batteries the S5100 would
> have weighed 432g. and with lithiums, 398g.

Thanks for the clarification.

> BTW, as I've said before, SMS is mistaken when he says that
> lithium batteries have much greater energy density by weight and by
> volume. I agreed about the weight, but said that NiMH's volume
> remained nearly constant but nearly tripled in capacity since the
> early NiMH cells. The high capacity NiMH cells are now at least up
> to 2,700mAh and Energizer's lithium batteries are rated at 3,000mAh.
> I've also noted before that lithiums can last much longer than
> alkalines in some cameras, but not much more in others. Unlike the
> other types which don't change *too* much at different current
> levels, alkalines are very sensitive to current. They're rated from
> 1,500mAh @ 500ma to 2,500 @ 100ma and 2,900mAh at 50ma.
> That's why the little analog radios can last so long using
> alkaline AA batteries, since at what I call moderate volume (and
> others might call low volume) they can draw less than 15ma from the
> batteries. Used this way, lithium batteries wouldn't power the
> radios much longer than alkaline batteries are able to. It's also
> why it doesn't pay to use lithium 9v batteries in smoke detectors.

And, of course, as digital cameras are much heavier current comsumers, it
explains why alkalines can be so poor. I have seen earlier reports of
just 10 shots! The first NiMH I bought were 1300mAh, so the 2700 mAh now
available coupled with the reduction in camera consumption is a tremendous


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