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activex troubles and trials

Mr Seth T
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I have spent several weeks now trying to find out how to get an
activex control i have created to work outside of my testing
environment. I am developing a web app and I need it to run this
control and it runs great on my development system (VS2005, C#, IE6,
Win2000Pro, output is a DLL) because as far as I can tell, VS205
registers the DLL correctly for me. The problem is packaging it so it
registers itself on any other computer. I have tried publishing the
DLL on the website by itself, packaging it in a CAB by itself,
packaging it in in a CAB with a INF file and none of those worked. So
then I tried to simply copy the dll to the "environment" PC and
register it with regasm. That didn't work either, it showed up in the
registry after that but continues to show the error message instead of
the control on the page. I also tried dumbing down the control in
case it was some other error inside the control and told it to only
open and be visible, and that did not work either.

It is not a security issue; I have allowed it to install unsigned
controls. This is the object tag I am using.

<object id="ctlDisplay1" classid="CLSID:AB226553-9C20-3DEF-A52B-
D264BB802855" codebase=",0,0,0" style="width:
879px; height: 525px" type="application/x-
<param name="ParamMonitorName" value="608" />
<param name="ParamIgnoreMinutes" value="60" />
<param name="ParamUpdateFreq" value="5" />
<param name="ParamSWRequestInterval" value="60" />
<param name="ParamDBAlarmTime" value="7" />
<b>ActiveX Controls are not supported under the current

The dll that is being created is in vb.NET 2.0 and it contains no
references outside of the .NET framework The .NET framework 2.0 is
installed on the "environment" PC. It is using IE6 SP2

So, what am I missing? What would make an activex control from a dll
work on one system and not the other? What is VS2005 doing that makes
it work at all on the development pc?

Any help you give will be greatly appreciated, anything.

please and thank you,

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