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Vilnius/Post EuroPython PyPy Sprint 12-14th of July

Michael Hudson
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The PyPy team is sprinting at EuroPython again and we invite
you to participate in our 3 day long sprint at the conference hotel
- Reval Hotel Lietuva.

If you plan to attend the sprint we recommend you to listen to the PyPy
technical talks (`EuroPython schedule`_) during the
conference since it will give you a good overview of the status of development.

On the morning of the first sprint day (12th) we will also have a
tutorial session for those new to PyPy development. As 3 days is relatively
short for a PyPy sprint we suggest to travel back home on the 15th if
possible (but it is ok to attend less than 3 days too).

Goals and topics of the sprint

There are many possible and interesting sprint topics to work on - here
we list some possible task areas:

* completing the missing python 2.5 features and support
* write or port more extension modules (e.g. zlib is missing)
* identify slow areas of PyPy through benchmarking and work on improvements,
possibly moving app-level parts of the Python interpreter to interp-level
if useful.
* there are some parts of PyPy in need of refactoring, we may spend some time
on those, for example:

- rctypes and the extension compiler need some rethinking
- support for LLVM 2.0 for the llvm backend
- ...

* some JIT improvement work
* port the stackless transform to ootypesystem
* other interesting stuff that you would like to work on ...


If you'd like to come, please subscribe to the `pypy-sprint mailing list`_
and drop a note about your interests and post any questions. More
organisational information will be sent to that list.

Please register by adding yourself on the following list (via svn):

or on the pypy-sprint mailing list if you do not yet have check-in rights:

Preparation (if you feel it is needed):

* read the `getting-started`_ pages on

* for inspiration, overview and technical status you are welcome to
read `the technical reports available and other relevant documentation`_

* please direct any technical and/or development oriented questions to
pypy-dev at and any sprint organizing/logistical
questions to pypy-sprint at

* if you need information about the conference, potential hotels,
directions etc we recommend to look at

We are looking forward to meet you at the Vilnius Post EuroPython
PyPy sprint!

The PyPy team

... See also ..

... _getting-started:
... _`pypy-sprint mailing list`:
... _`the technical reports available and other relevant
... _`EuroPython schedule`:
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