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John Turco
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On Jun 21, 8:54 am, ASAAR <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Jun 2007 13:38:33 GMT, Thomas T. Veldhouse wrote:
> >> Is that really a proprietary battery pack? It would be foolish of
> >> Kodak to not make it generically usable in all brands of cameras
> >> that can use either two AAbatteriesor the CRV3 lithium battery.

> > For years Sony made proprietary NiCd battery backs for their Walkman CD
> > Players ... but one could still put two individual AAbatteriesin there.

> They also made semi-proprietary AA NiCd cells. Or rather, there
> was no restriction on their use in non-Sony devices, but the Sony CD
> players were designed so that they couldn't internally charge any AAbatteriesother than their specially designed AA NiCd cells unless
> some of the insulation was removed from near the base of the case.

Hello, ASAAR:

That's a bit similar to the way my KAA2HR rechargeable Ni-MH (2100
battery packs work. The KAA2HR (exclusive to Kodak devices) consists
two AA cells, bundled together; upon insertion, it pushes down a tiny
switch, located in the battery compartments of compatible "EasyShare"

When the camera is mounted on a Kodak dock, this switching action
allows the KAA2HR to be charged. If regular cells (even rechargeable
ones) are inside, they won't charge. (A nice safety feature, in the
of alkalines.)

John Turco <(E-Mail Removed)>

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