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James Kanze wrote in message...
On Jun 14, 7:47 pm, "BobR" wrote:
> James Kanze wrote in message...

> On Jun 14, 5:27 am, "BobR" wrote:

// ref:
> /* """ quote
> """ */ unquote

> You're using OE, too?

> (This didn't used to be a problem. Since I'm sure that OE
> hasn't changed, it must be something either at Google or in our
> firewall that has changed. I'm still looking.)

Yep, OE. I am currently doing most reading on the win partition.
I'm still 'tweaking' my GNU Debian partition (rebuilding all after
an base HD went south on me [1]), so, I don't want to load the
newsgroups twice. Will eventially go GNU, and keep win for my
Adventure games (or use Wine when I can).

[1] Hard Drives used to last 10 years (mtbf), but seems like they only
last 2-3 years now. Hard to find small ( <100G) drives anymore
(salvage yard is my friend <G>).
Add one month to the warranty == fail. ;-{

Thanks for the 'hash table' info.
Bob R

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James Kanze
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On Jun 15, 8:08 pm, aaragon <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> On Jun 15, 4:03 am, James Kanze <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> Well, with the map you still need a one to one correspondence between
> keys and values. The different running time complexity relies in the
> different data structures that are used by the map and the hash table
> but they need the same mapping.

I don't think so. A map or set is ordered, so you can e.g.
insert just the lower bounds of the ranges, and use lower_bound
to look it up.

> Therefore, I just need to find a
> function that maps several double values to a single std:air (like a
> mathematical function pair<double,double> = f(double)). Once I have
> this, I could implement the mapping using either the std::map or the
> hash table, it doesn't matter.

You can use std::map to implement that function. Or, even and
std::vector with the ranges, sorted, and then use
std::lower_bound for the lookup.

James Kanze (Gabi Software) email: Removed)
Conseils en informatique orientée objet/
Beratung in objektorientierter Datenverarbeitung
9 place Sémard, 78210 St.-Cyr-l'École, France, +33 (0)1 30 23 00 34

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