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What is XML for Motif resource files + xnllanguage?

C.W.Holeman II
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For info on the context of my question see the end of this posting.

I have used resource files and xnlLanguage to control the language
displayed in a Motif application. Simply dropping an appropriately named
additional resource file for a new language in the proper directory the
application would be able to display the content in that language.

Regarding XML I have found info about i18n in several places including

on how to handle details like encoding, xml:lang and direction.
What I am still hunting for is how to separate the text from the
structure of a document and the method for combining them together for

Here are the two links I located on the topic.

I am looking for more complete examples.


I am working on the second generation of a collection of applets that
use the interactive aspect of a computer with graphics to provide an
experience for internalizing low level math concepts. For the current
state of this project see:

Electronic Mathematics Laboratory Equipment

The first generation uses TCL/Tk applets embedded in web pages. I am
continuing from the first generation proof of concept. Those applets
were hand coded with cut and paste of TCL/Tk snippets in a poor style.

Introduction - Emle V1.0.0

I am now working on the frame work for creating the applets that does
not require the level of programming skills needed in the first
generation proof of concept. I am learning some newer technologies for
this purpose: XML, XML Schema, XPath, XSLT, XHTML, MathML, SVG,
Javascript, DOM, CSS, HTML 4.01 and others. I have already found that by
using XML I can create simple documents that are transformed by XSLT
into web pages with XHTML controls that have Javascript code displaying
SVG graphics. With this an author will be able to create XML files
without having to write much XHTML nor Javascript.

Currently I am using:

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:
Gecko/20070309 Firefox/

with the intent of keeping to standards based features. I am not
concerned about poor functionality on other browsers unless the feature
being used is standards based. At time time, I may even ignore all other
browsers in order to focus on other issues.

C.W.Holeman II | Removed)-5
To only a fraction of the human race does God give the privilege of
earning one's bread doing what one would have gladly pursued free, for
passion. I am very thankful. The Mythical Man-Month Epilogue/F.P.Brooks
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