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Wacky wireless

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HP laptop with Linksys router (WRT54G) and WPC54G awireless adapter has been
stable for months.
Bought a new HP zd7310 notebook with internal wirelesss, moved the old
Laptop 15 feet to a new room for the spouse to use.
Logged on as the spouse to an existing user account that had never been used
and the wireless connection immediately became intermittent. There's no
apparent physical reason for this in the way of interference. After much
swearing,disabling WEP, running wizards, tweaking router, all seems to be
Fired up the new laptop, turned on the wireless button (One more piece of
hardware to go wrong), logged in to home network and internet almost
One hour later, the internet connection is gone. (New) Laptop sees the
wireless signal but won't connect. IPCONFIG shows "Media disconnected".
I couldn't remain and fix this, but I've got to go back this weekend and get
it running. I briefly looked at the HP site which suggests removing drivers,
etc and starting over. They also have something called the "Wireless Network
assistant" which I haven't looked at yet. All suggestions appreciated.
I've installed 8-10 wireless networks and had my share of problems, but this
one is really annoying and I'm wondering if the "Media Disconnected" messge
is a hardware failure. I can see why people get so frustrated with this crap.
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Seems to me that internal wireless is much more problematic than th
add-on card. I also had problems after installing SP2 (see othe
thread). Haven't found a good solution yet

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