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Q for you Mac people

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      06-09-2007 Removed) skrev:
> Blinky the Shark <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>> ?Slack wrote:
>>> Assuming you didn't have MS Office for Mac, if I sent you a 2003 Word
>>> doc, would you be able to open & view it?

>> They could if they were running the Open Office suite that many people
>> who aren't stuck to the MS tit use.

>> "Platforms currently supported include Microsoft Windows (98 - Vista),
>> GNU/Linux ("Linux"), Sun Solaris, Mac OS X (under X11), and FreeBSD."

> Also now Mac OS X without X11

With all the things that are *known* not to work, and the added
insecurity of installing alpha software in general, Mac users be warned:
If you have a working copy of OOo for X11, or intend to install OOo to
do production work, do *not* install this version. It will most likely
break your system.

The X11 version works with only minor quirks (some translations are
incomplete, and some drawing objects are rendered inconsistently across
platforms). Every MS Word doc I've opened has displayed nicely (except,
of course, some word 2007 "docx" docs recently received.)
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In article <(E-Mail Removed)>, ĺ˝─Slack
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> Assuming you didn't have MS Office for Mac, if I sent you a 2003 Word doc,
> would you be able to open & view it?

Yes, but depending on the content it might lose formatting, it might
have a lot of junk characters in it (Microsoft is amazingly bad about
putting in huge amounts of metadata!), and it might be out-of-sequence.

There is a viewer, and lots of other programs have good filters, but
every new version introduces more junk and issues. MSO 2007 is supposed
to be awful even for Windows users to read.
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