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Writing Register code in vhdl

amirster amirster is offline
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Hello Guys
I am a bigennier in writing VHDL code.
I am using quartos II and the ACEX1k of altera.
I want to know how can I write a code for 32Bit register if it possible, and how i can do the same thing but in 4 registers each register 8Bit register?
what way is better i mean to make 4 registers of 8Bit or one register of 32Bit?
and which way need less cilicon?
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danjay1 danjay1 is offline
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gooday, bro why don't you check out this site i gguess you would get some really good stuffs there.

he is my e-mail((E-Mail Removed)) add, if you need ore info, though i am not a programmer yet, intending to get statrted. and i don't know if you can send me a copy of you programming tool by an attachment,i will appericiate it.


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asicvlsi asicvlsi is offline
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you may ask this question at,37/

a dedicated vlsi forum...
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