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NO-IP, PPPoE, and a few other questions - YeeHaw!

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To whom can steam to assist:

I have a friend that has a Cisco 2620 Router with 12.4( running as
his IOS in Philadelphia, whom has a DSL (Verizon) as well as Cable
(COMCAST) connection at his office. We also have 2 no-ip domains
(free) that I want to have the router report one domain for the cable
modem IP, and the other for the DSL modem IP.

Presume the Cable Modem on Ethernet1/0
Presume the DSL Modem on Ethernet1/1

(1) I am trying to setup the router so that it will login to the DSL
connection and DHCP the DSL IP via the DSL Modem from Verizon. Any
ideas on how to do this? We have a username and password for the
Verizson that we need to authenticate with Verizon.

(2) How do I tell the router to update the NO-IP domain with say the
cable modem IP, and a different NO-IP domain with the DSL IP?

NOTE: The "YeeHaw!" in the subject line...why is it there? Because not
enough people say "YeeHaw" relative to Cisco Routers! I mean come
on, can we let these bloody rodeo types have patent on that word?

Thanks in advance.

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