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Debug Question
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Good Morning,

I seem to be having a problem. I thought I could display detailed
debugging information (including file name and line number) on a page
using two different methods:

1.) modify the debug attribute of the compilation element in the
web.config file -

<compilation defaultLanguage="c#" debug="true"></compilation>

2.) modify the debug attribute of the @ Page directive at the top of
my page -

<%@ Page Debug="true" %>

The first method is working fine -- but it turns detailed debugging on
across the entire site.

The second method does not appear to be working -- once I set
debug="false" in the web.config then it doesn't seem to matter what I
do in the page itself.

With debug="false" in the web.config and debug="true" in the page, I
see this -

The source code that generated this unhandled exception can only be
shown when compiled in debug mode. To enable this, please follow one
of the below steps, then request the URL:

1. Add a "Debug=true" directive at the top of the file that generated
the error. Example:

<%@ Page Language="C#" Debug="true" %>


2) Add the following section to the configuration file of your

<compilation debug="true"/>

Note that this second technique will cause all files within a given
application to be compiled in debug mode. The first technique will
cause only that particular file to be compiled in debug mode.

Important: Running applications in debug mode does incur a memory/
performance overhead. You should make sure that an application has
debugging disabled before deploying into production scenario.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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We may have found the problem...

In our application we have placed all of our codebehind files in the /
App_Code directory and in the ASPX pages we have removed the
CodeFile="" attribute from the @ Page directive. We only use

Can anyone confirm if this truly means that we cannot turn debugging
on for individual pages?

Is there a way to turn debugging on inside the CodeBehind file (i.e.
Page.Debug="true") instead of using Debug="true" in the @ Page


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