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[B,IX] = sort(A,...) - Order for sort()-function

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Dear community,

I want to use the sort function to sort a (nested) list. General information can be found below.

I want to solve the following problem. Given a list I do not only want to retrieve the sorted list but also the position of the original elements (IX below). The example is taken from Matlab syntax:

'[B,IX] = sort(A,...) also returns an array of indices IX, where size(IX) == size(A). If A is a vector, B = A(IX). If A is an m-by-n matrix, then each column of IX is a permutation vector of the corresponding column of A, such that
for j = 1:n
B(:,j) = A(IX(:,j),j);

A = [ 3 7 5
0 4 2 ];

# in Python: A = [[3,7,5],[0,4,2]]

[B,IX] = sort(A,2)

# sort by rows

B =
3 5 7
0 2 4

IX =
1 3 2
1 3 2

# first line: 3 was formerly in the first position, 5 formerly in position 3, 7 formerly in position 2
# second line: similiarly



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