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How many memory need for Convolution

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Hi. I want to implement convolution in fpga, but first i fear, that FPGA to few RAM have. I try to calculate how many memory need i to implement convolution function in fpga. i use rank 3x3 and each pixel have length of 8 bits. Together it's 3x3x8=72 bits. Picture is 800x600, so (subract 2) 798x598=477204 pixels.
Filter is 72 bits. i use multiplication, composition and division operations.
After this operations i just multiplicate of 477204 (for each pixel) and then i have all RAM in bits. could you help me to canculate all RAM?

May generaly i don't need so much RAM, maybe i use not correct strategy?

than you
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ontos ontos is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2007
Posts: 12
Hallo over again,
maybe you don't understanded my question...
So, i try to explain again, and then maybe you can same suggest.
Convolution compound of multiplication and addition. So, in VHDL i use just adders. For each pixels of the image (800x600 pixels) after multiplication and addtion operations i need most 25 bits adder. () as 25 bist adder compose of 294 logic gates, convolution operation need 138.240.006 gates (295x800x600).
All intermediate counts i can save in the memory. It's goot thought?

For examle:
1111 x 1111:
+ 1111
+ 11110
+ 111100

For every addition operation (the are 3) intermediate results i save in memory (1111+11110=101101) 101101 i save, then i take 101101 and add with 111100 and so on. Like inputs ant outputs for 25 bits adder i just use adders of memory.

I could use more adders (without saving all intermediate operation), but FPGA have not enough of logic cells.
For this project i plan ahead use this FPGA Board:
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