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Ad Hoc Problem: ping works, nothing else does!

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I've just killed a day trying to get this to work, so any help would be

I'm trying to connect two computers (desktop and laptop) via wireless ad
hoc. I can ping both IPs without problem, but cannot browse the network, use
shared internet (though the laptop see that it has been shared), or use
shares. I have tried it with and without firewalls and WEP. Nothing seems to
make any difference. Sometimes (rarely) I can browse and see shares, but just
as quickly they fail again.

The desktop is connected using Netgear's WG121 Wireless USB 2.0 adapter.
Desktop settings:

Laptop settings:

For both computers:
LMHOSTS is disabled
NetBIOS is enabled

I've tried every possible combination I could think of and scoured the
Internet for HOURS!

Oh yes, I had both computers on a wired, hubless network just before I tried
switching and everything seemed to be working fine.

Hoping someone out there has the "magic" answer...
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