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Save MANY versions of a page on the client in one operation?

Joseph I. Ceasar
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In an earlier post, someone asked about how to save a page on the client
programmatically. I also had to solve this problem and did use Steven's
approach. It worked

Now here is an interesting twist. The page that gets saved to the client
contains a several DataGrids components. The data displayed in the grids is
filtered by the contents of a separate drop down list box. This allows the
client to "download" one page a time.

I now need to replace the drop down by a list box that supports
multi-selects. When the client user clicks on the "download" button, I need
to generate several versions of the page, each displaying the data related
to one of the selections in the list box.

How do I do this?

I first tried to extend the approach given here ahd have the page render
itself several times. Each time it renders itself with new data, I would
capture the stream into a file on the server. Once we are done with all the
renderings, I would then zip up the files and send them to the client. The
question is, how can I force the page to render itself several times?

My next idea is to use a session variable to store all the selections from
the list box. I then create another page whose sole purpose is to redirect
me to my original page. In my original page, every time it loads, I check
the session variable and move on to the next item in the list. Once I
capture its output, I then redirect the response to the newly created page,
which will in turn send me back to my original page, etc.

Any ideas?

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