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Python COM and Delphi callback

Larry Bates
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I have a Python COM object working. I want to pass to it
a Delphi callback function (showing progress) that I can
call periodically. I've Googled until I'm cross-eyed and
I'm getting nowhere. Anybody out there that could give
me a push in the right direction.

I tried passing pointer to my callback function using
@ operator in Delph, but when I compile Delphi complains.

Here is a snip of my Delphi code:

function Callback(total: integer; position: integer): boolean; stdcall;
WriteLn('In Callback, total=' + IntToStr(total) +
' position=' + IntToStr(position));
result := True;

.. In program
// Set callback function in wsAPI to be called for each block
// that is uploaded. oC contains instance of COM object and
// works perfectly. oC has a method called WSset_callback that
// expects a callback function as an argument. I have the
// callback working perfectly in pure-Python code.

When I compile I get:

[Pascal Error] wsAPICOM.dpr(151) E2281 Type not allowed in Variant
Dispatch call.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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