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How to Create Your Memorable Photo Slideshow

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A photo slideshow should be an artwork of your memories and emotions
which can be captured in a photograph. But it is a great challenge to
create an effective and memorable slideshow. To make slideshow
awesome, you should make it to be appropriate for the setting; the
elements in the slideshow should be coherent to each other and fitting
to theme. Below are the four parts of creating your memorable photos
slideshow which may help you a lot. They are choose the proper
slideshow software, collect the photos and videos, make photo
slideshow with special effect and choose the way to share photo

Choose the proper slideshow software
The first thing you need is slideshow software. Be sure to pick one
that gives you a lot of flexibility. People will be fussy about what
it looks like, and so should you when creating your own! There are
many free programs that can help you get the job done. If you're using
a Mac, you can produce slide shows with iPhoto, which comes free with
all Macs sold in the past few years. If you have a legal version of
windows XP, you can get a free program, Microsoft Photo Story 3 for
Windows XP. Photo Story makes it easy to add special effects such as
transitions, panning and sounds. And Picasa is also free software
download from Google that helps you organize all the photos on your
computer; edit your photos with a few simple clicks and share your
photos with others through email, prints and on the web.

If you want to get some more professional results, you'd better to buy
the powerful software. It is hard to find the proper one from so many
similar programs. ProShow Gold is a great choice. Wondershare DVD
Slideshow Builder is also one that is very good. Wondershare
apparently has more options as far as implementing video, while
ProShow is more focused on photos. Both are capable of photo and
video, however. ProShow also enables you to host your videos online
through them for free, and Wondershare provides many different options
for format such as MP4 for iPod, WMV for Zune, AVI for youtube, etc.
ProShow Gold runs at around 70 USD, where as Wondershare DVD Slideshow
Builder costs 50 USD. Check out their websites for more information on
both, but I recommend Wondershare and I use it for my work. Besides
the most popular software above, there are also some other ones, such
as Ulead CD & DVD Pictureshow, MemoriesOnTV, Arcsoft DVD Slideshow,
etc. They are all good at some aspects and better than most of the
similar software.

Collect the photos and videos
Then you need to collect photos and videos that are of much importance
for the photo slideshow. And the collecting step varies from slideshow
to slideshow, depending on who you do the slideshow for. If you do it
for you or your family, you should pull out of all the photos and
videos that mean something to every family member. You should make
everyone to share their photos and videos. If you also do it for
someone outside the family, you need to get photos and videos from
them. It is easy if they only give you the photos and videos they want
to be in the slideshow.
If not, you have to go through the photos and videos they give and
pick out the ones you think that are of much meaning for them.

Once you have all of the photos and videos, you will need to put them
in order. Chronological order is a great way to organize family
photos. If you do the slideshow for someone else, asking them who know
what order will be most effective to help you with the order will be a
wise choice. If the slideshow is acting as your portfolio, it is
better to group the photos and videos both by subject and by quality.
The same rule applies to photos and videos as it does to writing:
finish with your strongest. So put what you consider your weakest set
first, and finish with the strongest set. The end is what people
remember the best.

Make photo slideshow with special effect
Next, you can perfect the photos and videos by editing them with
various special effects. You can use kinds of frames, masks and
clipart to make photos more attractive, add text to give the photos
some funny descriptions and edit the photos with pan/zoom effect, etc.
You can use the video edit function to trim the video, add the caption
and frame to the video, and change the original audio with your
favorite music, etc. Once you have your photos and videos in place
with great effects, you are on to the step which is transition effect
and video effect. You can easily to add the pre-designed effect such
as zoom and rotation to the video or just customize video effect at
ease. You should remember that transitions should be simple, smooth,
and quick. Anything else will be distracting and is at high risk of
appearing tacky.

Music is the next step. It will never be too more to emphasize the
importance of the music in a slideshow. You should make sure that the
music does not take away from the slideshow, but complement it. For
example, if your grandparents asked you to make a slideshow, would you
put the Hip-Pop music in it? No, you wouldn't. It will be better to
make a piano playing in the background of a slideshow. Soft music is a
must for the family memory. If you make slideshows for some triumphant
party, the inspiring music will be better. I'm not a big music
listener, so ask someone else if you can't find the right music. After
you choose the proper music, you have to edit it such as cropping it
to sync with slideshows, making sound effect such as fade in/fade out,

Choose the way to share photo slideshow
The last step is creating a final product. With most programs, you
have several options to choose from. You could make a DVD to play on
TV. If you do this, you have to make DVD menu which you can make
easily from various attractive pre-designed DVD menu templates or just
customize your own one. You could make videos in different format such
as MP4, WMV, 3GP, which are ideal for the popular mobile devices such
iPod, Zune, 3GP cell phone. Then you can enjoy the slideshows on the
go. Also, you could make videos in WMV, AVI format which you can
upload to youtube and other online share sites. It is a great option
for that you can access it from wherever you present and share it with
the friends all over the world. Which option you choose? It's up to
you and your needs.

There are the links to the software in the article:

Microsoft Photo Story 3


Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder

ProShow Gold

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