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VOIP network config question

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I am getting ready to implement a VOIP system in our organization. I
have a couple basic issues that I'm not sure I'm understanding

I currently have a basic network. I have 5 sattelite areas
(10.0.x.0) routed back to my main network.

I am trying to decide whether to put the IP phones on a seperate
subnet from my existing devices here. I am implementing layer 3 PoE
switches. I'm assuming the advantages are that all the voice traffic
would be on a seperate subnet, and the basic disadvantage would be
added complexity in programming/routing my other phone systems.

Phones & PC's would then have sperate connections in each office.
Phones go to the PoE switch & subnet, PC's would go back to my other
swtich. If I go this route, some of my switches in outer buildings
here would have to have devices from two different subnets plugged
into the same switch. WIth layer 3 switches I assume this is OK. Any
reasons I may not want to or be able to do this.

Is it worth it to seperate these?

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