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task bar icon?

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"sammy" <sammy@toast> wrote in message
news:461f0eb4$0$19394$(E-Mail Removed)...
> "WhzzKdd" <frack_this@email_is.invalid> wrote in message
> news:66vTh.21$(E-Mail Removed)...
>>> Meat Plow,
>>> how do i shut it off?
>>> thanks,
>>> sammy

>> You WANT to leave your PC unprotected from exploits that MS is trying to
>> FIX? What a maroon. Unplug that PC from the Internet - the rest of the
>> world doesn't want the crap your system is soon going to be spreading
>> around.

> whzzzkdd, i'm just an old **** who doesn't know much about computers but i
> do my best to avoid receiving or spreading crap around with my system.
> (thank you by the way, for pointing out the difference between the taskbar
> and system tray).
> i have some decent **** running in that system tray and have experienced
> no problems thus far.
> i just freaked out when that icon just appeared out of nowhere (but
> obviously it came from somewhere) with so little info about what it was.
> i'm still curious as to why, after 2 years of running XP, it just
> appeared!?!

That icon probably just appeared because Automatic Updates changed the way
it works when Windows XP SP2 is installed. If the updates aren't installed,
then programs in Windows are vulnerable to exploits by malicious software.
Things like trojans and email worms that replicate themselves by attaching
to unpatched computers, then send copies of themselves out to other people
when the comptuter is online. So most patches that Microsoft puts out are
important. As much as I dislike the new IE7 interface, I still installed
that on my computers because of the increased security. (Although I won't
put it on at work, but we have different security tools in place there.)

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