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setting a cookie in jsp

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I am trying an exercise on setting cookies. This exercise goes like

"Create a sample home page that accepts a person's name, and birthday
using textfields (use text fields for the name, birth month and birth
day ) and stores that info using a cookie that lasts a year.
Then use the Date and Calendar classes to display a greeting to the
person on his birthday."

I have written the first page that stores the cookies. The relevant
code from this JSP page is as follows -

<H1>What is your Birthday?</H1>

String name = request.getParameter("name");
String month = request.getParameter("month");
String day = request.getParameter("day");

Cookie nameCookie = new Cookie("nameCookie", name);
Cookie monthCookie = new Cookie("monthCookie", month);
Cookie dayCookie = new Cookie("dayCookie", day);



Enter Name: <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="name">
Enter month of birth: <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="month">
Enter date of birth: <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="day">

I have a few questions regarding this code.

1. Is it possible to set 1 cookie instead of 3 cookies as I have done?
2. How should I code the submit button so that it stores the cookie?
Should I give the address of the second page in the ACTION which
confirms submission?

Shall be really thankful for advice and guidance.


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