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How to retrive the prameters of the url while using <html:link> in struts?

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To start with,i will first explain my situation.
I am iterating a map and printing the values as links using the
<html:link> tag.
this is my code,
<bean:define name="usersession" property="theMap" id="myMap" />
<logic:iterate id="mapEntry" name="myMap" >
<html:link page="/"
paramId="theMap" paramProperty="key" paramName="mapEntry">
<bean:write name="mapEntry" property="value"/> </html:link>

when the user click on the link i need to pass the value of the "key"
attribute to my action servlet.
Here the key attribute is passed through the url as

I am using the page attribute.I hav configured my struts-config.xml as

<action path="/existing_customer_entry" name="CustomeridForm"
<forward name="customer_entry" path="/pages/customer_entry.jsp"/>

and in the action servlet "CustomeridAction" i am trying to retrive
the value of the "theMap" as


but its not giving the desired result.i think the action servlet
itself is not called here.

any suggestions?

thanks in advance,

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