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No internet (but networking OK) via wireless card - Help!!
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Right, any help on this one much appreciated. My laptop basically
stopped working via wireless, losing all internet and network
connectivity (some time mid march and hadn't done anything that would
explain it). Well, at first I was able to browse to other machines
but if i tried to copy anything larger than a few KB was told that the
network name was no longer available (although it was). If I
persisted some pages would sometimes load, but 90% of the time would
time out. At all times the laptop has stayed connected and has
succesfully got an IP address via DHCP. So I've ended up trying to
use a static IP, rebuilt my winsock stack, reinstalled TCP/IP, ran a
thousand virus and adware scans (all OK) but have been unable to get
to the bottom of it.

I know the router (Netgear WGR614) is fine as another laptop on the
wan is unaffected, as is the desktop. I then I plugged the laptop
into the router and all was fine! Why I waited until now to do this I
have no idea. So it must be a wireless driver issue or something so I
uninstalled and reinstalled that. Then last night - success - pages
were loading. Alas, it was short lived. Then this morning all was
working fine - for a couple of hours and now the problem has
reoccurred . Internal networking is still fine - I using VNC to
oconnect to my desktop and write this but am unable to do it directly
on this laptop.

Is it possible my wep settings have corrupted on the laptop? I'm
using WPA-PSK.

So I'm almost out of ideas. Answers on a BIG post card please google


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