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VHDL and Emacs (My experience)

Mike Treseler
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      05-14-2007 Removed) wrote:

> Try C-w (after doing C-s), it will increase the selection, word by
> word,
> following the point where you stand. I find it very useful.

Oh yes, and I see C-y marks to the end line.
Very useful indeed.

-- Mike Treseler
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Martin Thompson
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Andy <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
Hi Andy,

> None of the above worked. Highlighted text when you're typing in the i-
> search pattern is a different color than text selected with the mouse
> or shift-arrow keys.

Yes, that's just isearch doing it's highlighty thing, compared to the
actual highlighting.

> Pasting does not seem to work in i-search (C-s).

M-y ought to work for pasting into isearch. C-y does something
weird, like sucking everything to the end of the line into the buffer!

What does M-y do for you at the I-search: prompt?

> I am pretty much a neophyte with emacs yet, so thanks for the hints!

I've been using it for 7 years now and I still feel like a neophyte!


(E-Mail Removed)
TRW Conekt - Consultancy in Engineering, Knowledge and Technology
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On May 14, 2:10 pm, Mike Treseler <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Andy wrote:
> > I was
> > looking for something that allows me to select an existing word,
> > usually a port or signal/variable name (with mouse or keyboard), and
> > search for other occurrences of that word. Typing the entire word gets
> > tedious when using long names with specific suffixes, which require
> > that virtually the entire name be re-typed.

> I would just mark with the mouse then, C-s
> and paste into the mini-buffer with
> the center mouse key. Then C-s, C-s, ...
> -- Mike Treseler


Thanks! that works!

Is there a keyboard equivalent of center mouse key?


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Mike Treseler
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Andy wrote:

> Mike,
> Thanks! that works!
> Is there a keyboard equivalent of center mouse key?

Well, there is a function.
C-h k click2 says:

<mouse-2> at that spot runs the command mouse-insert-selection
which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `mouse-sel'.
(mouse-insert-selection EVENT)

But if I don't press the mouse button
there is no interrupt, and I don't get the
right coordinates.

In any case, Pontus has already converted me
to click1, C-s, C-w, ...
That's easier on my right hand.

-- Mike Treseler
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