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C2-5400 DDR Memory: Crucial, HyperX & OCZ @ A True Revie

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Quote: One of the best advices relating to computers is to never be an early adopter. Other than the ridicules price tags, the performance gain from the first models of the newest generation of computer components over the previous generation is usually minimal, if any. A current example of this is computer memory with the change from DDR to DDR2. While DDR2 has a handful of technical advancements over DDR, its early model's (PC2-3200 and PC2-4200) speed and performance are easily matched by the latest DDR modules. It is only at its third speed level of PC2-5400 that DDR2's speed is reasonably out of reach from DDR. In this review I will be examining the high performance line PC2-5400 dual channel memory modules from three of the biggest names in computer memory: the Ballistix from Crucial, the HyperX from Kingston, and the Gold Series from OCZ.
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