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XSL include HTML from a file

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I'm trying to do something with multiple xml files and am wondering if
it is possible.

I have 2 XML feeds:
One is a list of locations, LOC.XML
One is a list of products,PROD.XML

I have 2 separate XSL files.
One XSL file transforms the XML into a nice looking drop down list
with all the locations, LOC.XSL
The other XSL file transforms the XML into a list of products,

I have a third XSL file which generates HTML for the header, HEAD.XSL

I want to make a 4th XSL transformation called TOGETHER.XSL, which can
combine everythng to generate a page with a header, my drop down list
of locations and a drop down list of products.

I can import the header using
<xsl:import href="HEAD.xsl" />

I want to be able to import the transformed LOC.XML and PROD.XML and
display my drop down lists. Then I when I open TOGETHER.XML in a
browser, all three modules are displayed.

Is this possible? Am I going about this in the right way? I want the
LOC and PROD to be modular so I can create new XML pages with
different headers, but the same drop down lists.

Thanks for your help,

Jeff Perreault

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