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Spring Clean-Out among some accumulated Mental Dustballs. . .

Tony Sperling
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I was wondering. . .what kind of network (in terms of Hard and Software
both) would you have to set up to have a Joystick on a gameport on a
separate machine to be working with FS installed and flying on XP x64
(which, of course, doesn't have any game-port subsystem support), I know it
cannot work as a share on a local network, but I have heard of people with
less powerfull machines running demanding games on the Boss's powerhouse [
which isn't doing anything much, of course. . :0) ( I am doubling as the
Boss, myself) ] and have it display on your workstation? Things like that
makes me believe that it should be possible to access valuable remote
resources in some roundabout way that isn't otherwise supported.

Is it???

I also found that I can double-click a setup file on a remote machine and it
installs to where you are calling it - I thought it couldn't do that on a
local network - but if I try and fire up FS in that manner, it terminates
with an 'out of memory' error message. What is the difference? Is it a
bandwidth limitation?

Tony. . .

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