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[ANN] Editix 5.2 - XML Editor and XSLT Debugger

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Dear sirs,

We are glad to announce a release 5.2 of EditiX :


* Common :

- Refactoring for elements,
attributes,prefixes,namespaces,entities,pi,comment s
- Drag'n drop from the file system for editing files
- Drag'n drop from the project view to other view for getting file path
- HTML 3.2 and HTML 4.0 preview replaced by HTML preview using your system
- New AUTOMATIC encoding mode for letting editix chooses the most
appropriate file encoding
- Project content is used for filling selection from comboBox components
- Option for cleaning the most recent opened project files
- Import by HTTP dialog (with GET or POST request)
- Entity character dialog has been moved to the left panel
- More delimiters choice for CSV importing

* Project Manager :

- Project actions available inside the File menu and inside a popup menu
- Drag'n drop with multiple files from the file systems
- Multiple files can be deleted
- Tooltip with file path when moving the mouse on a node
- A file not found is shown in red
- An action can refresh file status (found/not found)
- Popup action for opening the selected file
- New export action for using your project files in another computer easily
it will create relative path.

* XSLT Editor :

- Drag'n drop from the file system for choosing a file
- Drag'n drop from data source root node is available
- An "apply-templates" is added automatically when dropping a source node
for a template
- The tree tab is the default one
- When the xslt editor is maximized the data source file is not loaded for
- Refactoring for template name, template mode, parameters, variables
- XSLT output path comboBox filled with known XHTML documents
- When editing the result document, the editor switches to the best editor
type (html,xsl-fo...)

* FO Editor :

- Shortcut alt j for repeating the transformation

* W3C Schema Editor :

- Refactoring for elements, attributes and types.

Bugs fixed :

- Project panel was sometimes not shown
- Drag'n drop outside the project worked only once
- Sometimes, wrong XSLT file path in the XSLT dialog
- Problem for directories with the ZIP browser
- DocBook stylesheets were not found on Linux/Unix version
- XSLT breakpoints dialog couldn't be shown
- When opening a large document with a schema, attributes could'nt be
- Encoding could be wrong when saving a template
- Current XML file was not a default one for XSLT transformation

Best wishes,

JAPISoft Manager

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