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Re: OT: TechNet Article

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"ray" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote
> On Sat, 31 Mar 2007 18:10:33 +0000, Michael D. Alligood wrote:
>> I was reading the latest edition of TechNet Magazine that I received in
>> the mail this week; when I came across an article that inadvertently
>> associated itself with one of the issues that we run across in
>> newsgroups consistently. This problem can be described in so many
>> different ways by religious newsgroup participates like myself. What it
>> boils down to is the very thing we preach day in and day out: Research
>> and Hands-on Experience. It also touches on abandoning your
>> preconceptions when comparing older technology to newer technology.
>> You can find the article at:
>> Enjoy.
>> P.S. I also included this article with the Vista and XP newsgroups in
>> hopes that individuals seeking help in those areas will read Mark's
>> article and perform research and troubleshooting steps before posting
>> their issues in newsgroups for others to "give them the answer."

> That's fine, but a casual user should not have to "perform research and
> troubleshooting steps before posting their issues in newsgroups".

Sure they should. Problems should be researched before posting and should
troubleshooting A couple minutes of research can save a lot of time.
Posting when the answer is easily discovered otherwise is a waste of
everyone's efforts.

Rock [MS-MVP User/Shell]

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