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The safest Browser is IE7

John Thompson
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On 2007-04-07, Removed) <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> This might be the case with THIS malware but is not always the case.
> I can recall 3 incidents in the past where malware got installed on my
> computer. In one case, a directory was created and malware program
> was installed on my drive without my knowledge whatsoever.


> The other case, I was supposed to
> download a shareware file which was listed on several legit download
> sites such as Tucows,, etc. It appeared legit. I was
> redirected to "the authors site". While the intended file downloaded,
> another malware program also downloaded and was installed.

Firefox by default does *not* automatically open downloaded files. If
these did install without any user intervention, they were probably
triggered by a script. Disabling Javascript will prevent this from
happening. Check out the NoScript extension.

> In a 3rd
> instance, I downloaded what appeared to be a pretty innocent screen
> saver with animal pictures. I dont generally use screen savers but
> thought the kids would like to see it. The download contained both a
> screen saver (as stated) and some malware that really caused a mess
> until I finally managed to kill it. Both were in the same install
> file, and the malware was actually 80% of the large file size. The
> screen saver portion when zipped was very small compared to the full

In this case I suspect that you explicitly ran the installation program,
which included a routine to install malware. This is not a browser
issue, but user error in uncritically approving installation. Did you
scan the downloaded file for malware prior to approving the
installation? If not, no browser software security measure can protect
you from this type of thing.


John ((E-Mail Removed))
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