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Re: TweakVI now supports Vista x64

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PLUS you now have to register with him to download the FREE version.

what a crock.

I asked weeks ago if it supported 64 bit as his notice says so, but notes said limited beta.
got a REALLY SNOTTY answer back.

would not try/trust his program at all.

all the easy patches it has are already available else where.
the more difficult ones you have to PAY to get. Removed)

"Tom" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:(E-Mail Removed)...
Although your information might be helpful to some folks, I came to it
looking for information about Microsoft's TweakUI, not TweakVI. I thought
someone had just misspelled TweakUI.

Anyway, your post is really an ad for a non-Microsoft product, which costs
money and as far as I know, has no connection with Microsoft except for a
similarity in name. To put up this notice without more information about
what it is is not right. I'm sure others like myself had to read through a
number of these messages and then go look at the site to see that there is
only a basic-function download available for trial (which I would never
bother with, anyway) is really a waste of a lot of people's time.

Don't you be purveying the similarity in names as something we should all be
interested in. By the way, you say that is a "new version of TweakVI", again
implying an upgrade from Microsoft's TweakUI, where, actually, TweakVI is an
entirely new product, and not from Microsoft.

By not adding more information to the post, it is definitely misleading and
wasteful of other people's time.

"Carlos" wrote:

> There is a new version of TweakVI (tweak vista) which reportedly supports
> Vista x64.
> It is version 1.0 build 1040 that can be downloaded (basic free version) at:
> Carlos

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