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Colour management with two screens - ColorVision Spyder2 x64 driver

Dominic Payer
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ColorVision have a 64 bit driver for their Spyder2 series. The driver is
unsigned and will not work with x64 Vista, but the software will install.

To download the driver, registration at is required and
the serial numbers from the software disks supplied with the Spyder2 are
required for installation.

With two screens the software can calibrate both screens separately. The
calibration window moves automatically to the selected screen.

The following applies to my nVidia 7600GS PCI-E card. It should apply to any
PCI-E graphics card, but may not apply to AGP graphics cards.

At logon with XP x64 only one profile can be loaded, but after logon using
ColorVision's ProfileChooser different profiles can be applied to each
screen, provided the profiles have been created by the ColorVision software.
The profiles are preserved if the screens are turned off by power management

With Vista RC2 - x64 and x86 - separate profiles can be loaded for each
screen at logon. The profiles are lost if the screens are turned off by
power management. The profiles can be reapplied using the ColorVision
ProfileChooser or logging off and back on again.

When transferring profiles to x64 Vista, there is a possible source of error
which will only apply to a few. If the graphics card has two DVI outputs,
Vista always selects the DVI monitor as its default if both DVI and analogue
monitors are connected, even if the DVI monitor is connected to the
secondary output. In the colour management window the monitors are presented
in the order primary output, secondary output which may not correspond to
the monitor numbering.

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