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Critics: RC1=Beta 3

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Shirley Daugherty
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This hit the nail squarely on the head. I used both versions of "RC1" for
several days. X64 has virtually no driver support. Most of my XP
applications would not run even in compatibility mode. I installed both
versions in dual boot configuration and Vista left Folders and files on the
C: (XP) drive after reformatting the Vista drive that I cannot remove. Since
I was so involved in accepting the so-called RC1 as being just that, I
didn't realize how slow it was until I booted back into XP and the
difference was VERY noticeable. This RC1 version is far from that, maybe
still Beta1. Just as in the past Microsoft OSs, they will work it out but it
want be a stable, working, retail product at the time of release to the
public. And I am not a Microsoft basher. I have tried nearly every OS out
there except Unix and they are still the one for me, even with all their
inconsistencies,but maybe not everyone. If this keeps up, I will take
another look at Linux. I've read where they have come a long way in a short
period of time. Vista RC1, and Vista for that matter, is gone for me. I will
be looking elsewhere for a viable and stable working OS.

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