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Insufficient resources to hibernate -> now ported to x64!! Yay!

Homer J. Simpson
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I used to run XP Pro x86 and got the dreaded "insufficient resources" error
plenty to times while trying to hibernate with a machine with more than 1GB
RAM. This problem's been documented in a few KB articles and if I remember
correctly at least two hotfixes have been released over time to address
this. I've seen plenty of discussions with claims that neither hotfixes
completely take care of the problem in all instances.

In any case, I never had this problem on x64--until now. Just for the
record, here's the exact message (I noticed it's worded a little differently
than the x86 version):

Windows - System Error
The system has failed to hibernate (the error code is 0xC000009A).
Hibernation will be disabled until the system is restarted.

One thing I did notice is that according to Task Manager, for this
particular session, my memory usage peaked at around 2.2GB (I have 2GB
physical memory). Typically this stays around/below 1.5GB, and I've *never*
had this problem occur until now.

I have all the latest fixes--Windows Update has nothing else to offer.

Has anyone else encountered this problem again on x64?

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