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x64 Setup Can't See My SATA Drive

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I not sure what your pcs problem is. I have an ASUS A8N SLI DELUXE
motherboard with 1 gig of ram and only a 160 GB SATA Drive and it installed
the XP Pro 64bit the first time no problems. No floppy was installed at the
time installation, that was installed later to do bio updates that i have yet
to do.

"Charlie Russel - MVP" wrote:

> True, I don't ever use the small form factor boards. And they mostly haven't
> been in the x64 space yet. But then use a USB floppy. Should be able to find
> one for about $35 USD. A lot cheaper than mucking around with trying to
> integrate the drivers and getting them all working. Admittedly, not as much
> fun.
> --
> Charlie.
> Mark Gillespie wrote:
> > On Thu, 23 Mar 2006 17:08:48 -0000, Charlie Russel - MVP
> > <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> >
> >> Haven't actually seen a board w/o a floppy connector, but I suppose it's
> >> possible. In which case, use USB. It should work if the BIOS is well
> >> designed.
> >>

> >
> > I have one here, not a x64 capable board, but they do exist, more so, that
> > small form factor is becoming more common...

> .

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It can see it on my Epox krda3+pro but what I found is if you've got both
sata and pata in the system it wants to default to install on the pata drive
no matter what boot order you've got set in your bios, therefore, my advice
is disconnect all hard drives except the one you want to load the os on and
then hook them back up after 64 bit has loaded up for the first time. This
worked for me.

"Jon Davis" wrote:

> I'm currently running 32-bit Windows XP on a SATA drive. I've set up on this
> hard drive an instance of Windows Server 2003 64-bit as a dual-boot. (Same
> partition, installed to \WIN2K3, I just had to rename the Program Files for
> XP, install 64-bit Windows Server, rename Program Files again to Program
> Files (32-bit), rename the "Program Files" key in the 64-bit registry to
> point to the new path, and then revert the XP Program Files back to the
> original name.) But I've since deleted that \WIN2K3 directory, as well as
> the two Program Files directories ".. (32-bit)" and ".. (64-bit)". Now I
> just boot to XP 32-bit. Everything works great for my 32-bit Windows
> instance.
> Since then I also got two more SATA hard drives and enabled nVidia RAID
> (striping) for the two new drives. I had to install drivers within Windows
> XP to see the new drives, but otherwise everything is fine there, now, too.
> Now my problem is I want to install Windows XP 64-bit, same way as I
> installed Windows 2003 64-bit. Unfortunately, however, Setup won't see my
> original SATA drive. It sees all my USB drives (LOL!! like I want to install
> Windows XP 64-bit on my 128MB USB flash drive) but not my SATA drive.
> I tried hitting F6 to load drivers, and I had a CD-ROM in the drive that I
> burned that has the nVidia nForce drivers for SATA (for WinXP 64-bit, and
> with no subdirectory nesting), but Windows said that it found no floppy
> drives. I don't have a floppy drive. *sigh*
> I'm not sure where to go from here. I could try temporarily disabling the
> RAID from the BIOS but I'm scared that if I disable it and then reenable it,
> the array will be reset (as in, logically wipe out the data).
> Here is my config as I type this:
> IDE0: DVD-RW (XP boot disc)
> IDE1: DVD/CD-RW (nVidia SATA driver disc)
> SATA0: 300 GB HD (Windows XP 32-bit)
> SATA1: 400 GB HD (nVidia RAID Disk 1)
> SATA4: 400 GB HD (nVidia RAID Disk 2)
> Any ideas? Much appreciated ...
> - Jon

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