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Device sharing, drive mapping, and remote desktop to Win 2000

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hi. i'd like to go 64 bit on my 2 main machines at home, but the lack of
drivers is holding me back.

i've researched hardware for these machines that i know will work, but i'd
like to continue using my old HP932C printer and HP Scanjet 6200C.

i currently have a linksys cable modem in front of an 8 port linksys router,
and i don't use dhcp. i'd prefer to network the printer with a cheap TCP/IP
enabled single port print server, but I haven't found any that support XP64.
anyone know of any?

as a workaround, i thought maybe i could build a 3rd machine using Win2K Pro
and hook the printer and scanner to it. i'd also use it as a crude file
server. here are my questions: will Win2K share devices with XP64? or would
it be possible to use remote desktop from the 64 bit machines to the Win2K
machine, and share drives on the 64 bit machines with the Win2K machine?
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