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Remote Desktop - Broken??

Charlie Russel - MVP
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OK, all of that makes sense. Why not suggest to the IT folks that they use a
port that is well up beyond 3389 and beyond the area that will interfere
with other things? Or, of course, the other solution is a VPN. And actually,
given the overall security of things, I think a VPN is a better way to go.


William T. Trotter wrote:
> We now know a bit more about the problem.
> Turns out that:
> 1. Remote Desktop using port 3389, the default,
> works fine.
> 2. For security reasons, my IT folks didn't want
> to open that port, and behind a local firewall,
> traffic was routed to 1025. A second machine,
> running Linux, Fedora core 4 is also on the
> same router using port 1026.
> 3. When I edit the registry and change the
> port number for Remote Desktop to 1025,
> things break. Now we know one reason:
> lsass.exe runs on that port.
> 4. My options are to tell/ask IT to open another
> port, or use a redirect from the linux box
> creating a local tunnel. We tried this
> a few minutes ago and it works.
> Thanks for your help.
>> Well, it's enough to tell me that the machine on that end doesn't have
>> the nvidia chipset issue. You say the home machine is more modest. Is it
>> also running x64 Edition? And which mobo/chipset is it if it is x64.
>> You may need to move this over to where the terminal services folks hang
>> out, since I'm beginning to suspect it's not a 64bit issue. That would be
>> the microsoft.public.windowsxp.work_remotely newsgroup. I'm running out
>> of things to suggest.
>> --
>> Charlie.
>> William T. Trotter wrote:
>>> The motherboard of my office machine
>>> is a Tyan Thunder K8W. Is this enough
>>> info?
>>> =========================
>>> "Charlie Russel - MVP" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
>>> message news:%(E-Mail Removed)...
>>>> It's not the video cards I'm worried about -- it's the underlying
>>>> chipset
>>>> for the motherboard. Whose systems are these? A major OEM, or a local
>>>> builder? And what model motherboard is it?
>>>> --
>>>> Charlie.
>>>> William T. Trotter wrote:
>>>>> Hey Charlie, Both home (client) and office (server)
>>>>> are using nVidia display graphics cards. The home
>>>>> machine is a bit older and more modest, while the
>>>>> office machine is a workhorse, e.g., 16gb ram with
>>>>> dual opteron cpu's. So how can I be sure and
>>>>> what do I do next? Is there a web site or a more
>>>>> detailed newsgroup you can point me to?
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>>> Are you by any chance on an nVidia chipset machine? If so, you may
>>>>>> have
>>>>>> been hit by the problems that the built in nvidia firewall is causing
>>>>>> for
>>>>>> everyone. The only solution is to install the firewall, if it isn't
>>>>>> already installed, and then uninstall it completely.
>>>>>> Other than that, I can confirm that remote desktop works just fine,
>>>>>> both too and from x64 machines. If you're using non-standard ports,
>>>>>> it's possible that is the problem as well.
>>>>>> --
>>>>>> Charlie.
>>>>>> William T. Trotter wrote:
>>>>>>> Is Remote Desktop broken in Windows XP -x64?
>>>>>>> When I try to access my office machine, it hangs
>>>>>>> and then reports that the connection has timed
>>>>>>> out.
>>>>>>> Remote desktop connections are allowed through
>>>>>>> the firewall, and the system allows for remote
>>>>>>> access.
>>>>>>> Note: my office machine is is using another
>>>>>>> port, not 3389, and I have edited the registry to reflect
>>>>>>> that. I'm pretty certain all this has been correctly
>>>>>>> set up.

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