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The x64 system time glitch

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Biostime runs perfectly
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Hi Jean,

I wonder if this problem has nothing to do with your PC at all. Do you
live in an area that has been having Power shortages this summer? In many
areas the over use of A/C has put a lot of stress on the electric grid. The
computer clock is expecting 60hrz cycle....when the demand is to great on the
power grid that 60hrz cycle is often unobtanable so it may trop to
58hrz...This will make your clock slow.

To keep clocks accurate companys will sometimes try and increase the hrz
cycle at night so clocks run faster to get them back up to the right time but
I believe that practice is more common in Europe where they are used to
dealing with the hrs drop.

Try setting up another digital clock in your house and confirm it's accuracy.


"Jean" wrote:

> Well, the problem was there from the beginning and the first few weeks I
> ran the standard windows driver. So don’t know if this could make the
> difference…
> Is it safe to uninstall the processor driver?
> Let’s hope so, I’ll try

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Well, here in Belgium, pretty much the middle of Europe, we are on
50Hrtz, And indeed, the phenomenon you describe does occur here. For
example my microwave-clock suffers from it. But here we are talking
about a minute or so every en a week, maybe less. (not 3 sec every min)
But I believe that computers can’t experience such problems, because
every computer I know of runs on D/C. Yes you plug it on the A/C net,
but it’s all converted to D/C in the power supply and there never is a
direct connection to the A/C net. And my computer being a notebook only
makes me more convinced of that.
If it was I problem like that, the clock in my bios wouldn’t be able to
keep up as well, and would probably have experienced the problem when
running 32 bit as well.

But thanks anyway, any suggestions are welcome.
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Jean wrote:
> Hmmm…..
> I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s less severe this morning. I’ve
> heard les glitches and am losing 15sec per 5mins.
> Because of the post about the Microsoft KB article I tried /usepmtimer
> again, but with the options in the order like in the KB article witch is
> the opposite of the Blog.
> But it’s probably more likely that it’s the new driver+/usepmtimer
> combination that makes the difference….
> (come to think of it, 15secs every 5 min that’s like 3 sec per min, or
> the difference I had before the bios update)
> Thx for the helpful info.
> Any other suggestions…

My computer clock is suffering from similar symptoms. I've notice that
when viewing the analog clock, the second hand will stop for seconds at
a time--if I rest the mouse (pointer). If I keep the mouse pointer (the
mouse) in constant motion, the second hand of the clock may pause for a
fraction of a second every three seconds or so, but will not stop for a
long interval.

The tray icon for eTrust Antivirus 7.1 is animated. Resting the mouse
pointer will stop the animation. Keeping the mouse in motion results in
constant animation.

Yes, the stoppage of the second hand and the icon animation coincide
with each other.

Can you duplicate?

I first noticed this problem after switching from a USB mouse to a
Microsoft Cordless Wheel Mouse (PS/2). The symptoms persisted after I
switched back to the USB mouse. Not sure, at all, if there's any
causality there.

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Well, I isolated my clock/time problem. It is/was the Googletalk
client. If I disable it from autoloading at startup, my clock runs
normally. If I start it, the clock will pause every few seconds as
described above. Anybody else notice this?


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Disregard. After a night of S3 standby, the clock was behind. Using
the time command in the DOS box revealed, possibly, a bad CMOS battery.
Still investigating.


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