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Recommendations for Windows XP x64 compatible notebook

Charlie Russel - MVP
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I don't really want or need dual core on a Tablet. For me, the Tablet
experience requires light, and thin. Heavier Tablets don't cut it. And
cooling is a major issue on Tablets, since there just isn't as much physical
area to dissipate heat.


Andre Da Costa [Extended64] wrote:
> I know my next laptop is Tablet PC, but I'm waiting until Intel comes
> out with their dual core mobile processors next year code name Yonah.
> "Charlie Russel - MVP" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
> message news:(E-Mail Removed)...
>> Yeah, but the 4000 isn't here yet, and I'll bet it's going to be
>> rather pricy. I would love it, but I'll settle for none of the
>> above. I've already got two Tablet PCs here, I don't really NEED
>> another laptop. Want is a different story, of course.
>> --
>> Charlie.
>> Andre Da Costa [Extended64] wrote:
>>> But then he's going to want the 4000, Charlie, I think you just made
>>> the decision harder.
>>> "Charlie Russel - MVP" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
>>> message news:(E-Mail Removed)...
>>>> True, the Ferrari models aren't the cheapest. But let's face it.
>>>> They ARE the coolest. That ought to be worth something. And look
>>>> for the price to come down on the 3400 now that they've announced
>>>> the 4000. --
>>>> Charlie.
>>>> John Smith wrote:
>>>>>> Acer has 64 bit notebooks:
>>>>>> and Alienware also, but I don't think the systems are pre-loaded
>>>>>> with Windows XP Professional x64.
>>>>> Thanks for the suggestions. Actually I've been looking at Acer
>>>>> Ferrari 3400 already. I think I will buy this if I don't find any
>>>>> better because I contacted Acer and they have official x64
>>>>> support. However I am honestly not impressed about what I get for
>>>>> my money. The HP series seems to offer more hardware for same
>>>>> money and atleast here where I live I will end up paying atleast
>>>>> $800 for the Acer with more crappy hardware.
>>>>> -- John

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John Smith
Posts: n/a
Thank you for everyones interest.

I ended up buying a Amilo 1630:

It's quite cool. The biggest problem was the radeon gfx driver which I had
to patch manually to get working.

Thing is even though the OS is final version there are quite alot of other
problems with the software which ofcourse limits the nice feeling of getting
something new. I assume that during the next half year more software will be
compatible with the system though and drivers will become better.

-- John

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