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Re: Outlook 2003 Problem

Charlie Russel - MVP
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yeah, I was afraid you might not have spare 1GB ECCs lying around. But it
was worth a try. By all means, let us know what the resolution is -- I would
NOT want to find out the hard way that this doesn't work, since I'm getting
ready to up my x64 box to 4GB. And I don't really want to have to only go to


CS Computers wrote:
> I have changed all the DIMMs around. The only way it works is if I
> leave 2 out. Unfortunately, I don't have any 1GB RegECC to try. The
> stability of the OS and other apps is fabulous. The only issue seems
> to be Outlook. I worked the machine pretty hard tonight with Premiere
> Pro and After Effects, it never missed a beat. Under 32bit I could
> never run both apps simultaneously without Premier getting "testy".
> It is very smooth under XP64. To me also, it looks like a small bug
> with Outlook
> I am a MS Partner, I think I will call them up Monday. I will let you
> know what we can figure out.
> Thanks for the help, Charlie (and Everyone.)
> "Charlie Russel - MVP" wrote:
>> I've read through the rest of the thread. This really sounds like a
>> real bug. But let's try one thing first. On that Mobo, you've got 8
>> DIMM slots. Have you tried changing the location of some of the
>> DIMMs? And is there any chance you can install >4GB of RAM?
>> If nothing else works, I'd call MS Technical Support. If it's an
>> actual bug, the call is free.
>> --
>> Charlie.
>> CS Computers wrote:
>>> I just upgraded my XP-64 computer to 4GB RAM, now Outlook will not
>>> open. If I remove 1GB of RAM, it works great. No other apps seem to
>>> be affected. I checked KB articles with no luck. Any suggestions?
>>> Thanks!

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