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Re: Restart bug?

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Dear Tony,

Yes, but that's not what I want -- I want the machine to reboot properly.
It isn't suspended or asleep or hibernating, it's _stuck_ -- unresponsive
to everything but the reset and power buttons.

A friend has suggested that the ACPI 2.0 table has to be enabled in BIOS,
and I'm trying that next.


"Tony Sperling" wrote:

> I am not at all sure about this, but don't you have an option in
> BIOS setup to enable wake-up-on-keypress???
> "formerprof" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:(E-Mail Removed)...
>> "Rafael Rivera wrote:
>>> This sounds like an ACPI/APM BIOS issue. Is there a BIOS update
>>> available
>>> for your system? Is ACPI and/or APM disabled in your BIOS?
>>> --
>>> Rafael Rivera

>> Dear Rafael,
>> 1009 & 1011 are the two latest BIOS for the A8Vand I have the same
>> problem with both. So far as I can tell, the APM and ACPI settings in
>> BIOS are correct, and the machine does reboot properly from XP32. Oddly
>> enough, the shut down function works in XP64 -- it's only "restart" which
>> is giving the problem. I think that there is a bug in the OS or maybe in
>> the VIA chipset drivers -- surely not heresy with so new a system!
>> Thanks for the suggestions and all good wishes.
>> formerprof
>>> "formerprof" wrote:
>>>> When I do a "shut down/restart" with XP x64 (RTM) Windows seems to shut
>>>> down, my drive LED lights up and remains lit, and the power LED blinks.
>>>> The
>>>> machine seems to stay in that state forever (well -- at least longer
>>>> than 15
>>>> minutes). This did NOT happen with build 1433, nor does it happen with
>>>> XP
>>>> 32-bit.
>>>> Hardware: ASUS A8V, BIOS 1009 & 1011, 2x1 gb Samsung DIMMS, IDE0 has
>>>> hard
>>>> drive & DVD reader, IDE1 has DVD writer. 2 Seagate SATA drives on VIA
>>>> controller, Promise controller disabled.
>>>> Any suggestions or fixes will be most welcome. Good wishes to all.
>>>> formerprof



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