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Re: Running Everyday on x64-bit Windows

Nicholas D. Ford
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HP Should have an upgrade available....they have said that they support
XP x64 on the business workstations so email them and ask....

*Note that they DO NOT support XP x64 on consumer products (i.e. the

Andre Da Costa wrote:
> Last week I got an HP xw9300 workstation equipped with two 2GHz Opteron
> processors, the same type of system most of the Windows kernel team uses.
> The system came with 32-bit Windows XP preinstalled, but I decided to buy
> into all the 64-bit hype coming out of Microsoftís Winhec conference and so
> I scratched the HP image, reformatted the disk, and installed Windows XP
> 64-bit Edition. Is Windows ready for 64-bit full-time? After a week of
> development, writing, and experimenting Iím ready for a preliminary report.
> The first issue I ran into was lack of built-in driver support for the
> network adapter and video card. This was easily remedied, though, with a
> quick trip to Nvidia's web site to download their 64-bit motherboard and
> video drivers.
> After getting Windows running I spent the first few hours with the system
> installing applications and tools. The installations went smoothly for just
> about everything except for one application that Iíve come to rely on: MSN
> Desktop Search (MDS). Itís especially ironic that MDS wonít run on 64-bit
> Windows given that itís a high-profile application from the company thatís
> trumpeting the official arrival of 64-bit computing and telling device
> manufacturers that if they donít have 64-bit drivers theyíre already behind
> the times. Whatís even more ironic about MDSí lack of 64-bit support is the
> way that its installation fails:
> Read the rest here:

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